As you select a wedding reception venue, catering may not be a priority for you. But if you want your reception catering to be everything that you have dreamed of, you have to ask and determine some key details. Though caterers of wedding receptions can function around virtually any circumstances or condition, you can make it simpler for everybody once you guarantee that your venue will give some critical features. Take note of the following questions you need to ask a chosen catering Sydney as you choose a venue for your wedding reception.

Are you permitted to utilize an independent reception catering company?

Other venues have an exclusive agreement with a local reception caterer or have their catering partner. If this is the case, they may prohibit you to hire an independent caterer to serve on your wedding day. In other instances, they will allow you to do so but you are expected to pay the additional fee to do this. This is a crucial factor to consider, particularly when you already selected a catering company.

Does the reception venue permit for catering materials disposal?

Not all venues will permit you to use their cans or dumpsters after cleanup. When your caterer should pack out the waste, this can impact their logistics and possibly the food price.

Does the venue have water that can be used for catering purposes?

Without a doubt, your chosen reception catering provider will require water to be used for different purposes, but particularly for hand washing. When cold and hot running water is unavailable at the venue you are considering, then your caterer must bring the right temperature-regulated storage vessels to meet health code requirements and ensure safety.

Can your caterer use the power in the reception?

Similar to water, your reception caterer will need the power to make sure that your food will be kept at the appropriate temperature until it’s time to serve your wedding attendees. When you opt for a venue without a power supply nearby, you should ask your caterer whether they can bring and use other power sources like generators.

Will your caterer have a place to stage and set up?

Even if this is not a deal-breaker, a lot of catering companies require an appropriate area to set up and stage everything. The size of the space will differ based on the number of your expected attendees and your menu. But when they have to serve cold or hot food without a staging area, the catering company may need to carry a refrigerated truck or even warming ovens.

Do you have tables for catering purposes?

Other wedding reception venues let you use the chairs, tables, etc. that they have. Some let the tenant use them considering that they pay an additional fee. However, a lot of venues don’t have such amenities ready to be used. If this is the case, you may have to rent your equipment or ask your selected catering company how they usually resolve this issue.